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Concertina Coils/Concertina Wire is also known as Razor wire Outside Indian Territory because it has sharp blades all around the Coil like Razors. Armstrong Wires is extensively Exporting Razor wire to Many Countries Worldwide due to its good Quality. We are the Only Company in the Indian Region to Manufacture razor wire in Stainless steel Grade.

Stainless Steel Concertina Coil is specially used for oil Refineries and in Salty Sea Conditions since there are No Chances for rust.

The wire that contains sharp pointed edges at gapped at regular intervals is called razor wire. They are used to build high security fences. If anyone, be it an animal or a human being, who tries to cross over a razor wire fence, might experience high level of discomfort and be seriously injured. However, the razor wire fences are easy to build and don’t require any specialized skills. The galvanized razor wires are resistant to corrosion and thus, last long.

They are suitable for use in high security areas because of their multiple blades which cause seriously injure anyone who tries to climb a razor wire fence. Owing to their springy nature, they might prove to be a little difficult to handle. They are usually made of steel that are very strong, which makes the wire very tensile. They can withstand expansion and tightening caused due to any kind of pressure. Presence of the cluster of the pointed sharp edges gives them the name- razor wire. While purchasing razor wire, it is important to check the manufacturer’s authenticity and make sure that end products are made of the finest raw materials that will serve the desired purpose.

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